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Press Release: Featured Artists Coalition votes to back the REMAIN Campaign

April 15, 2016 BY fac admin

The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), which represents musicians and recording artists in the UK, is backing the REMAIN campaign following a poll of its 5,000 members.  Artists, including co-Chairs Sandie Shaw, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) and Ed O’Brien (Radiohead), as … Read more

2015: A Year In Review

2015: A Year In Review

December 17, 2015 BY fac admin

by Paul Pacifico 2015 feels as though it will be viewed in retrospect as a year filled with pivot points for the music industry. The key moment amongst them was undoubtedly the leak of the 2011 Sony-Spotify contract back in … Read more

Welcome To The Team: Irini Mando

December 11, 2015 BY fac admin

I’d been a singer/songwriter for quite some time, doing it professionally (and full-time) for over a year when I first came across the FAC this summer. After I signed up as a member and got to meet the team, I … Read more

Sony Defence Does Not Take Artists Interests Into Consideration

Sony Defence Does Not Take Artists Interests Into Consideration

July 14, 2015 BY fac admin

Sony has just defended the leaked deal it did with Spotify in court in the United States by stating that it had no obligation to make sure its deals with digital platforms protected value for artists.   Artists sign deals … Read more

Join us in supporting #FairPlayFairPay

Join us in supporting #FairPlayFairPay

July 10, 2015 BY fac admin

#FairPlayFairPay Week of Action The Fair Play Fair Pay Act intends to bring the US law in line with the rest of the world in paying performers from terrestrial radio. The Act was unveiled in New York in April this … Read more

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