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About Us

Who we are – 
The FAC is a  voice for featured artists in the changing music industry


1. What are the big goals that the FAC works for?

  • Fairness – We’re committed to seeing artists receive a fair deal
  • Transparency –  Artists deserve to know what’s happening with their work
  • Equality – Artists should be treated like equal partners in all the business deals they participate in


2. What does the FAC actually do?

  • Represents the interests of Featured Artists within the national, European and International political arenas when relevant issues such as copyright law, music licensing etc are being debated
  • Guides artists through the complexity of the technology landscape and the modern music industry
  • Matches artists with  companies that can provide valuable services
  • Provides help and advice on new technologies
  • Negotiates with companies to secure favourable terms for all FAC artists
  • Connects artists to other artists
  • Organizes events where artists  can share their experience
  • Creates opportunities for artists to meet and support each other locally
  • Helps artists find a balance between creativity and business
  • Aids the development of Artist Organisations all over the world


3.      How is the FAC structured and funded?

  • The FAC is a not-for profit organisation formed in March 2009
  • It has currently one full-time staff member and a number of advisors
  • It’s funded by contributions from its members


4.      What does it cost to join?

  • It is free to join the FAC, donations are optional.


5.      What else does FAC do?

The FAC works closely with the MMF and the MU on:

  • legislative and policy issues,
  • internal industry negotiations
  • developing commercial services that can help artists and fund the work of the FAC
  • international network development


6.      What is a Featured Artist?

  • Featured Artists are the performers that are generally considered to form a band (i.e. the individuals that make up Radiohead) or that are understood to be a singer/solo performer (i.e. Billy Bragg or Annie Lennox).


The FAC’s Board of Directors and Office are:

Annie Lennox
Ed O’Brien (Radiohead) (Co-Chair)
Fran Healy (Travis)
Hal Ritson (The Young Punx)
Howard Jones
Imogen Heap
Kate Nash
Katie Melua
Lucy Pullin (The Fire Escapes)
Master Shortie
Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) (Co-Chair)
Ross Millard (The Futureheads)
Roxanne De Bastion 
Sandie Shaw (Co-Chair)

Paul Pacifico, CEO
Fiona McGugan, Events & Membership

The FAC runs a weekly news digest of music industry information of interest to featured artists. To stay up to date with news, issues and opinions relevant to featured artists, subscribe to the digest.