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About Us

Who we are - The FAC is a  voice for featured artists in the changing music industry

1. What are the big goals that the FAC works for?

  • Fairness – We’re committed to seeing artists receive a fair deal
  • Transparency -  Artists deserve to know what’s happening with their work
  • Equality – Artists should be treated like equal partners in all the business deals they participate in

2. What does the FAC actually do?

  • Represents the interests of Featured Artists within the national, European and International political arenas when relevant issues such as copyright law, music licensing etc are being debated
  • Guides artists through the complexity of the technology landscape and the modern music industry
  • Matches artists with  companies that can provide valuable services
  • Provides help and advice on new technologies
  • Negotiates with companies to secure favourable terms for all FAC artists
  • Connects artists to other artists
  • Organizes events where artists  can share their experience
  • Creates opportunities for artists to meet and support each other locally
  • Helps artists find a balance between creativity and business
  • Aids the development of Artist Organisations all over the world

3.      How is the FAC structured and funded?

  • The FAC is a not-for profit organisation formed in March 2009
  • It has currently one full-time staff member and a number of advisors
  • It’s funded by contributions from its members

4.      What does it cost to join?

  • It is free to join the FAC, donations are optional.

5.      What else does FAC do?

The FAC works closely with the MMF and the MU on:

  • legislative and policy issues,
  • internal industry negotiations
  • developing commercial services that can help artists and fund the work of the FAC
  • international network development

6.      What is a Featured Artist?

  • Featured Artists are the performers that are generally considered to form a band (i.e. the individuals that make up Radiohead) or that are understood to be a singer/solo performer (i.e. Billy Bragg or Annie Lennox).

The FAC’s Board of Directors are:

Annie Lennox
Chris Difford (Squeeze)
Crispin Hunt (The Longpigs)
Ed O’Brien (Radiohead)
Fran Healy (Travis)
Hal Ritson (The Young Punx)
Howard Jones
Kate Nash
Lucy Pullin (The Fire Escapes)
Master Shortie
Mark Kelly (Marillion)
Martyn Ware (The Human League/Heaven 17)
Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)
Paul Pacifico (Financial Director) 
Ross Millard (The Futureheads)
Roxanne De Bastion (International Director)
Sandie Shaw

The FAC runs a weekly news digest of music industry information of interest to featured artists. To stay up to date with news, issues and opinions relevant to featured artists, subscribe to the digest.